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Tokyo Story (1953)

24 Feb


Yasujirô Ozu’s much praised masterpiece Tokyo Story has been re-released courtesy of Madman Entertainment, six decades on it is still a landmark in auteur cinema. Continue reading

National Bird: Drone Wars (2016)

12 Feb
With the increasing prevalence of drones in our daily lives it was inevitable that film-makers would seek to examine the dark side of what has become the symbol of 21st century warfare. Told through the stories of three U.S military veterans National Bird exposes the emotional and physical toll of the drone program on both operators and their targets alike.

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National Geographic – The WWII Collection: History’s Darkest Hour (2016)

19 Aug
Comprising four titles ‘Inside World War II’, ‘The Hunt for Hitler’, Nazi Megastructures and Nazi Megastructures 2  National Geographic presents a somewhat eclectic mix of WWII titles with it’s latest  collection. While I initially had some reservations about the broad selection of topics I was pleasantly surprised with what National Geographic offered.

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Cronenberg Collection (1975-83)

10 Aug


An excellent starting point for any cinephile keen on experiencing one of cinema’s most boundary pushing auteur; this Cronenberg Collection brings together three films which offer a fair representation of Cronenberg’s inimitable style. Continue reading

The Fashion Collection (2015, 4 DVD Box Set)

6 Jun


It’s no secret that I’m a die hard fashion victim. My closet, if you can call it that, stretches well beyond five metres of racks, and includes something I call “the shoe room”. Indulgent? Yes. Remorseful? No. So when I saw this tasty morsel, a collection of four dvd documentaries on fashion, which married my twin passions for clothing and cinema, I was sold…come home to mummy, darling. Continue reading

Cats the Musical- The Civic Theatre 2015

12 Sep


With a pitter patter, crash, and clatter Andrew Lloyd Webber’s acclaimed musical Cats burst onto the Civic’s stage last night to thunderous applause. The show struck a chord with audiences new and old alike, having undergone a fairly substantial nip and tuck for the 2015 which breathed new life into one of the West End’s longest running musicals. Continue reading

Divas: Anika Moa & Julia Deans Perform with Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra (25 June)

26 Jun


Lets be honest; this was never going to be a bad review. When salt of the earth story teller Anika Moa, Julia Deans with her voice of pure crystal, and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra perform together you know the stars are going to align for an evening of warmth and magic. With that in mind, I braved the abominable Auckland cold for a feast of musical soul food. Continue reading

Balancing Act (Gli equilibristi) (2013)

26 Sep

Balancing Act

As this year’s Italian Film Festival finally kicks off, we take a look at Ivanno De Matteo’s brilliant drama Balancing Act. Continue reading

Flaxworks Presents: Wild Bees (Directed by Stuart Devenie)

16 Sep

Wild Bees 02 - Alexander Campbell, Damien Avery, Wesley Dowdell, Jordan Blaikie, Kevin Keys, Donogh Rees, Alex Ellis, Emma Newborn and Alistair Browning

1991, a corporate conference room in Wellington. As $23 billion of New Zealand assets are flogged to the highest bidder and labour laws are rewritten, a union team renegotiates their contract with a company after it’s sold offshore. Continue reading

Viva Italy (Viva l’Italia) (2012)

15 Sep

Viva Italy

Director Massimiliano Bruno takes the idea of the honest politician to the next level in his latest farce Viva Italy, when corrupt senator Michele Spagnolo (Michele Placido) is compelled to tell the truth following brain damage from a stroke. Continue reading